So much of what we all do today relies on solid content that sets itself apart from all the DIY videos online. We needed a way to market what we do to a larger audience with content that doesn't look like just another social media video made on a phone or laptop. Studio Cube helped us raise the bar on our production value - without breaking our budget. A great solution for StartUps, Entrepreneurs and Solo-Preneurs, or other businesses looking for a great content team to support your growing business!
Demo Video
“Finding a room somewhere to do a podcast is easy. Finding a fully equipped studio with professional grade equipment and a production team to support us THAT'S where the difference is! Having access to equipment from BlackMagic, Rode, and Arri while being able to customize our time with additional support from editors and marketing specialists, at such reasonable rates, means I can look like the big guys while spending like a start up! Studio Cube is a game changer for content creators for sure! “
"It's My Job To Know Yours"
Video Podcast
Rebel Lane is about taking a look at what change makers do in their businesses “that's different from the rest”, we celebrate being a rebel! So when it came to producing our video podcast series, we were intentional about doing it in a new way. It seems like video podcasts are everywhere today but with Studio Cube we are able to make a fully produced, professional quality experience for our viewers that is high quality, easy to watch and fun to enjoy! We would highly recommend Studio Cube for anyone looking for an economical way to create expernive feeling content that will move your business forward.
"Rebel Lane"
Video Podcast